Bayer Contrast Agents and Gadovist video

Based on customer feedback we created a video which may be helpful to you as it explains the benefits of using contrast agents in MR screening, and why Gadovist® is particularly well-suited for the detection of small lesions and lesion characterization. We suggest sharing this material among your team, to support the team’s knowledge and help respond to frequent questions coming from patients about these procedures.

Being able to respond to patient questions in an accurate and timely manner not only ensures patient satisfaction but also enhances patient throughput and the overall patient experience. In a complementary way, this video can also help your team to address patient questions regarding the contrast-enhanced MRI.

Please note that this video is directed only to HCPs however, its content can help the team to be prepared in advance of questions coming from your patients.

Bayer Contrast Agents and Gadovist video

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