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Contrast Dose


Contrast Dose Management can help you optimize Radiology Workflows. From the point of care through to post procedure, Radimetrics™ – the Contrast Dose Management Platform offered by Bayer in Radiology – helps you automate manual processes, directly impacting key areas of the complete radiology workflow

Put Contrast Dose Management to work.

Get the benefits of automated documentation accuracy and workflow efficiency


Allow Technologists to personalize injection protocols to provide consistent image quality and account for unique patient and study variablesAutomate contrast documentation for greater documentation accuracy and consistency 

  • Calculate contrast media protocols automatically
  • Personalize the volume and flow rate for each patient
  • Configure according to the workflow, policies and preferences of each facility

Experience streamlined best-practice compliance

  • Standardize contrast documentation processes 
  • Respond to increased interest in tracking contrast agent information 

Leverage measurable gains in quality

  • Automatically capture quality metrics in a central location
  • Identify variations in performance, patterns, and trends 
  • Prepare for future quality initiatives

 Deliver enhanced care

Increase time for patients by spending less time on paperwork and repetitive documentation

Gain cumulative insights on MR patients

  • Monitor cumulative MR contrast dose over time
  • Monitor MR contrast utilization in the enterprise

Obtain personalized dose insights for CT patients

  • Set alerts for CT contrast volume thresholds over 24-hour periods
  • Reduce CT contrast agent spend through more precise utilization
  • Monitor patient’s time-based contrast dose thresholds

Why it's Time to Rethink Your Approach to Contrast Documentation

To address evolving contrast documentation standards and regulatory requirements, many radiology departments have begun switching from manual reporting to automated workflows.

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