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Dose & Data

Bayer helps you see the big picture. A holistic view of contrast and radiation dose data allows you to identify opportunities for clinical and operation improvement at both the patient and enterprise levels.

Discover Dose & Data Software


Contrast Dose Management

Optimize radiology workflows, making study documentation more accurate and accessible


Personalized Protocols

Technologists utilize preset radiologist-preferred protocols at the point of care using smart injection systems from Bayer in Radiology.

Taking Dose Management to the Next Level

See what happened when a medical center implemented dose management with solutions from Bayer in Radiology. 

Connect workflow while automating contrast and radiation dose documentation

Leveraging contrast and radiation dose management helps you deliver: 

Measure Operational Quality 

  • Close information gaps and gain the insights you need
  • Identify variations in performance, patterns and trends
  • Evaluate and streamline scanner and injector protocols
  • Prepare for future quality initiatives 

Streamline Compliance 

  • Automatically document contrast and radiation dose
  • Monitor patients’ cumulative MR contrast dose over time, CT contrast volume threshold over 24 hours, and cross-modality radiation dose
  • Evaluate radiation dose reference levels based upon internal and external benchmarks
  • Quickly identify and address outliers

Dose Management can fine-tune your performance, reducing manual documentation and dictation. Through automation and standardization, it delivers more consistent results and helps the user personalize dosing for contrast-enhanced CT studies.