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Pediatric Resources

We understand that when receiving an MRI or CT scan, pediatric patients can often feel scared or anxious because they don’t understand the process or are intimidated by the equipment. However, unlike adults, these patients can’t always express their anxiety or ask the right question about their care. Here at Bayer, we always want to do our best to ensure that all patients feel informed and safe. We’ve developed some pediatric materials that use storytelling, animations and interactive play to familiarize kids with what’s going on when they receive a scan and reduce their fear of the unknown. We hope that these resources can help put your young patients and their families at ease.


Hannah and Nico

This animated video tells the story about two kids getting their MRI and CT scans. As they enter the MRI/CT machines, they’re taken on an adventure to outer space while a voice over explains the process in a child friendly way. The goal of this video is to lower any fear or anxiety about these large machines and help them use their imagination to calm their nerves if they feel claustrophobic.

To provide these to your patients, please give them the links below.

English: https://vimeo.com/494196473/031a328220

French: https://vimeo.com/497713568/f5ff61fa8e

Ready, Teddy, Go

This is an activity kit with colouring books for very young kids where they can pretend to be doctors preparing a teddy bear for an MRI scan to familiarize them with the concept of getting an MRI scan. Learning the process on a toy can help them feel less helpless and anxious when they get their own scans. We encourage you to print these or download them and provide to your patients.

Maxxi in Space

This is a comic book for kids that tells the story of a child who needs an MRI scan because of an injury. This will help kids understand why they’re getting an MRI and what the process will entail through story telling in a fun, friendly and easy to understand way. We encourage you to print these or download them and provide to your patients.

MR patient brochure

This brochure will help adults understand the process of an MR scan. Download