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MEDRAD® Stellant

Intelligent and intuitive – MEDRAD® Stellant is the injector of choice for advanced CT applications providing accurate personalized delivery of contrast.*

Clear Direction. Boost Your Image.

MEDRAD® Stellant enables the flexibility of injecting contrast and saline – offering many clinical and workflow advantages, such as: using saline to perform a patency check, reducing image artifacts and providing brighter arterial imaging in CT.1,2

Medrad Stellant device

What is MEDRAD® Stellant?

MEDRAD® Stellant is a contrast media injection system designed for use during CT examinations, known for its innovative clinical offerings and feature set. It is the injector of choice for advanced CT applications such as cardiac and perfusion imaging.


How does MEDRAD® Stellant work?

The intuitive touch screen interface allows the user to set the injection protocol needed for the CT examination. MEDRAD® Stellant gives the user the option to store and recall up to 250 CT injection protocols for fast access. Injection protocols are easily adjusted to suit the individual patient by simply selecting the parameter to be changed and entering in the new value. Up to 6 injection phases can be programmed depending upon the area to be imaged.


    Contrast Delivery

    Referrers rely on prompt, accurate diagnoses to guide therapy and enable improved patient outcomes. Precise contrast delivery is expected for consistency to allow optimal image quality.

    Protocol management and precise contrast delivery


    • Perform complex CTA and cardiac CT protocols
    • Create a tight contrast bolus
    • Enable precisely timed contrast delivery
    • Individualize contrast dose with Certegra™ P3T™ 2.0

    Dual syringe utilization benefits

    DualFlow, simultaneous injection of contrast and saline in user-selected ratios can:1

    • Enable better visualization of the right heart due to reduction of streak artifacts
    • Visualize the right coronary arteries and right ventricles in a single study by achieving more uniform attenuation

    Case Reports

    DualFlow can provide the ability to perform simultaneous injection of contrast and saline with user-selected ratios with the MEDRAD® Stellant Dual Injection System.

    031_Tab1-Image1_single-phase 032_Tab1-Image2_saline-flash 033_Tab1-Image3_DualFlow
    With single contrast phase
    With saline flush
    With DualFlow phase

    Jensen, CT. NASCI Abstract # 05-A-69-NASCI.

    Powered by the MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System with Certegra™ Workstation, Certegra™ P3T™ 2.0 calculates individually optimized patient protocols for cardiac CT, pulmonary angiography and abdomen studies.

    Standardizing and easing implementation of personalized patient protocols offers important benefits, including:

    • Facilitating implementation of multiple CT abdomen protocol strategies
    • Reducing occurrences of suboptimal CT pulmonary angiography studies3

    Pulmonary Angiography: Certegra™ P3T™ vs. Standard


    Certegra™ P3T™

    Weight: 300 pound

    Contrast: 116 cc

    Main PA HU: 274


    Weight: 295 pound

    Contrast: 80 cc

    Main PA HU: 171

    When compared to standard protocols, Certegra™ P3T™ Pulmonary Angiography protocols* result in a higher percentage of exams ranked diagnostic without limitation.4,5

    * Albeit at a slightly higher contrast dose than the standard protocol of 80 mL


    Enhanced protocol management and injector design that enable efficiency improvements.

    A simple workflow can help to save procedure time, avoid errors.

    Simple to use, automated injection system*

    Streamline workflow

    • Integrated saline test injection with real-time pressure monitoring
    • Snap-on/twist-off syringe design
    • Plungers automatically advance and retract when attaching and detaching syringes
    • Automatic filling and priming
    • Multiphase programming, including hold/pause feature
    • Programmable pressure limit

    * Requires Certegra™ Workstation

    Accurate post-study documentation*

    Improve reporting accuracy

    • Achieve workflow efficiencies
    • Enables reduction of errors and information gaps6

    * Requires Certegra™ Workstation

    Multi-Patient Syringe System

    Cost efficiency

    • Perform multiple studies with a single syringe kit (for up to 12 hours)
    • Recessed connections to avoid accidental contamination
    • Multi-patient tube for reuse plus single-patient tube that needs to be replaced after each study
    • Special check valves that prevent backflow from the patient



    Scalable options address your department’s needs – boost your image

    Our customers look for solutions that can keep up with the changing demands of CT imaging at any time.

    Take it to the next level

    The Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform seamlessly integrates with your hospital’s IT infrastructure as well as your Bayer smart injection devices, providing the tools to help you achieve both – your contrast and radiation dose management goals.

    Certegra™ P3T™ 2.0 Software recommending personalized injection protocols

    Personalized patient protocols allow technologists to individualize contrast dose protocols individually at the point of care with ease.

    • Abdomen studies
    • Pulmonary angiography studies
    • Cardiac studies

    Certegra™ Imaging System Interface (ISI) – Scanner connectivity

    The Certegra™ ISI enables injectors and scanners to communicate, enhancing clinical capability by ensuring appropriate scan timing and simplifying workflow. It enables scanner and injector synchronization. Because multi-slice scanners capture images so quickly, it is critical to have optimal contrast in the area of interest at the precise moment of the scan.

    We offer four products:

    • Certegra™ ISI 700 (for Philips scanners)
    • Certegra™ ISI 800 (for Siemens and Toshiba scanners)
    • Certegra™ ISI 900 (for Siemens, Toshiba, Hitachi and General Electric scanners)
    • Connect.CT sold as Philips SyncRight (for Philips scanners)

    Contrast Dose Management (CDM)

    CDM automates documentation of contrast injection at the point of care and throughout the post-procedure workflow.
    CDM provides tools to help drive efficiency, reproducible quality and personalized care7:

    • Auto-populate contrast injection records transferred to PACS, RIS and Speech Reporting (SR)
    • Achieve workflow efficiencies
    • Improve reporting accuracy
    • Automate documentation
    • Use data to inform improvement initiatives
    • Accelerate report turnaround time
    • Investigate and tie information to outcomes


    Quality and Service

    What separates good from great? A reliable partner with a continued commitment to quality and service at every step to keep our operations performing.

    Dedicated experts for continuous uptime

    Strengthen confidence

    MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System with VirtualCare™ Remote Support delivers confidence with a connection to world-class monitoring, diagnosis and support.

    Benefit Security Support

    -Software issues are often resolved remotely, in minutes rather than hours

    - Hardware can be repaired in one trip, with the right parts, the first time

    If your injector is enhanced with Certegra™ Workstation:

    - Proprietary software updates and patches arrive seamlessly

    - Antivirus protection remains current*

    - System alerts are monitored and resolved proactively

    *periodic updates provided per defined schedule

    -Problems are diagnosed remotely

    -Solutions are developed quickly

    -The recovery plan is completed quickly

    High quality and reliability

    Maximize trust

    Not all syringes are equal. Bayer delivers a high-quality and reliable injection solution that can save costs, equipment and downtime. When choosing contrast and saline syringes, you need to consider:



    Particulates from the manufacturing process can be directly injected into the patient if the syringe barrels are not thoroughly cleaned and inspected.


    If syringes are made from non-biocompatible material, then harmful substances, e.g. BPA or DEHP, can leach into the saline or contrast agent and enter the bloodstream.

    Application of silicone

    If the application is not precisely controlled, then silicone can be over- or under-applied, impacting fluid-delivery performance and the well-being of your patients.


    If a non-compatible syringe is used on a MEDRAD® injector, then its failure can result in over- or under-injection of contrast and may require re-scanning and re-dosing the patient.


      Height Width Depth Weight
    Dual Injector Head 15.5 cm (6.1“) 30.7 cm (12.1“) 36.8 cm (14.5“) 8.1 kg (17.9 lb) (without syringe)
    Base Unit 29.2 cm (11.5“ 27.9 cm (11.0“ 22.2 cm (8.8“) 6.2 kg (13.6 lb)
    Certegra® Workstation (CWS) 34.2 cm (13.5“) 40.0 cm (15.8“) 30.0 cm (10.2“) 8.0 kg (17.6 lb)


    Flow rate (range & increments)

    0.1–10 mL/sec in 0.1 mL increments

    Volume (range & increments)

    1 mL to syringe capacity in 1 mL increments

    Programmable pressure limit (psi/kPa)

    200 mL syringe: 325 psi, 2241 kPa

    Scan delay

    0–300 seconds (5 minutes) in 1 second increments


    1–900 seconds (15 minutes) in 1 second increments


    Maximum HOLD time is 20 minutes

    Syringes (volume capacity)

    200 mL sterile disposable syringe

    Maximum number of phases


    Miscellaneous specifications

    Electrical requirements (VAC/Hz)

    100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300 Volts-AMPs

    Syringe heat maintainer

    35 degrees C ±5 degrees, 95 degrees F ±9 degrees

    Head mounting options

    Overhead counterpoise system or floor pedestal (floor pedestal includes an integral IV pole)


    Simultaneous injection of contrast and saline is integrated in the CWS and included

    Certegra™ P3T™ Cardiac Application

    Cardiac CTA Protocol Optimization Software

    Certegra™ P3T™ Abdomen Application

    Abdominal Protocol Optimization Software

    Certegra™ P3T™ Pulmonary Angiography Application

    Pulmonary Angiography Protocol Optimization Software

    Informatics Starter Package

    Access to modality worklist and database of injections

    PACS Outbound Interface

    Send secondary capture of contrast injection to PACS

    RIS Outbound Interface

    Send contrast injection information to RIS

    Speech Recognition Outbound Interface

    Send contrast injection information to Speech Recognition System

    Imaging System Interfacing (ISI)

    Several types of interfacing with the scanner

    VirtualCare™ *

    Remote service on the injector and software to ensure faster uptime

    *available in some countries


    MEDRAD® Stellant CT Injection System is easy to learn, set up and use.

    Injector head and syringe visualization

    Fast and easy syringe installation

    Convenient fluid loading

    Streamlined injection preparation

    Simple syringe removal

     Play All

    Certegra™ Workstation Configuration

    Installing Multi-Patient Disposables

    Initial Set-Up: Priming


    Individual Patient Use

    Exchanging the Single Patient Disposable

    Replacing Empty Fluid Sources

    Tear-Down / Removing Multi Patient Kit


    1 Kerl JM, Ravenel JG, Nguyen SA, et al. Radiology. 2008;247(2):356-64.
    2 Jensen, CT. NASCI Abstract # 05-A-69-NASCI
    3 Deible CR, Alexander J, Ocak I, et al. Department of Radiology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, Medrad, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA RAD-INF-14-06087. May 2014
    4 Presented at Society of Thoracic Radiology (2008) Poster Session; Christopher R. Deible MD, PhD.
    5 510(k) FDA clearance number: K082905.
    6 South Jersey Radiology Associates. Customer Experience: Using Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform Contrast Dose Management* to Improve Billing Cycle Time and Enhance Reporting Efficiencies. Bayer Pharma AG, March 2015.
    7 South Jersey Radiology Associates. Customer Experience: Using Radimetrics™ Enterprise Platform Contrast Dose Management* to Improve Billing Cycle Time and Enhance Reporting Efficiencies. Bayer Pharma AG, March 2015.

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