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Our newest Academy offering: MicroLearnings are compact, online video courses from global radiology leaders, giving busy professionals like you the latest knowledge in 10 minutes or less. Cutting-edge expertise, in convenient, bite-sized modules.

Discover MicroLearnings

The Latest Radiology Expertise – 10 Minutes at a Time

MicroLearnings are compact, online video courses from world-leading radiology experts – relevant to you and designed to fit into the quieter moments of your busy schedule: on your commute, during your coffee breaks, or even in between patients.

  • Key insights and findings in minutes – not hours
  • Disease-focused, across modalities
  • Use cases with actionable advice
  • Growing range of topics
  • Certified learning resources (with credit points in some countries)

Cut straight to the facts.

Discover MicroLearnings
How It Works

How It Works

Gain the Knowledge and Get Your Certificate

Each course consists of a series of short, interactive modules. They contain the latest expert knowledge, condensed down to the key points, with multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge. Then, once you’ve successfully completed all the modules, you claim your certificate.

Our Experts

Small Courses from Big Names

We’ve created MicroLearnings together with global radiology thought leaders, such as Prof. Dr. Forsting. These leaders deliver cutting-edge knowledge in a way that is quick, easily accessible, insightful, and inspiring.

Our Experts
Course Content

Course Content

In Brief

Courses currently available:

  • Strong Imaging in CT & MR
  • Glioblastoma
  • Metastasis

Plus a lot more to come in 2022, including AI, as well as cardiac and prostate imaging.


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Get cutting-edge expertise from global radiology leaders in bite-sized video learning modules of 10 minutes or less – so you can stay in the know on the go.