Bayer in Radiology and COVID-19

Date: July 31, 2020

We continue to face unprecedented challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As provinces continue to phase in the opening of the economy, we want to assure our customers that we continue to be vigilant with respect to product supply and services. This ensures our continued uninterrupted delivery of products and services to the healthcare system that our friends, families and teams rely on.

We would like to reiterate our commitment to fully dedicating ourselves to supporting you. Please reach out to your Bayer POD representative with anything that we can do to support you.

As part of our continued efforts to provide clear and transparent communications, we are providing an update on the following topics:

  • Current product supply status
  • Supply chain contingency plans
  • A glimpse at our sterile disposable production staff
  • Customer Engagement Approach

Current product supply status

Due to the dedication of our product supply staff we have been able to maintain critical business functions and supporting infrastructure to minimize the potential for any interruption.

As of the date of this communication, there are no known issues with the supply of contrast media or sterile disposables for CT, MR, and PET injections systems.

We have been managing an ongoing sterile disposable supply constraint for MEDRAD® Avanta Injection Systems. This lead time has already been proactively communicated to affected sites.

We value your trust in our products and our people, and we are working hard to ensure we can continue to supply our customers with the products they need while continuing to keep our employees and the community safe. Thank you for your support and patience. As with this communication, we will continue to provide any updates in the coming weeks as we closely monitor the situation.

Supply chain contingency plans

We are happy to update that safety stocks in Canada have been increased to mitigate against short term supply disruptions. These efforts are purely precautionary and are meant to maintain continuity of product supply.

A glimpse at our sterile disposable production staff

We are happy to share a glimpse into our North American based sterile disposable production facility. This video touches on our production approach and highlights the people working to provide continuity of supply during this crisis. We are proud of the commitment of our co-workers.

Bayer syringes & disposables for MEDRAD® Injector Systems English

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Customer Engagement Approach

We continue to take necessary measures and precautions for the health and safety of our employees and customers, while continuing to perform on-site business critical activities that ensure patients can get the imaging procedures they need.

At this time, business critical activities are:

  • emergency service of our equipment
  • preventative maintenance that limits equipment failures
  • installation of new equipment
  • onsite clinical training required to enable customers to perform procedures
  • production related activities

We are asking our employees to confirm the personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines requirements of the hospital prior to visiting. Given the importance of PPE as well as the reality of limited supplies in the marketplace, we may need your support for any required PPE. While we hope we do not run into such a situation where there is a lack of required PPE, if we do it will impact the planned service activity.

All activities that can be conducted remotely will be performed remotely. We will leverage virtual and digital tools to continue to meet and support our customers; including providing virtual training and service support.


Our sincerest gratitude,

Your Bayer in Radiology team