A COVID-19 Story from Italy – Alessandro’s story

We are currently facing an unprecedented time and ‘business as usual’ is no longer possible. How are our radiology colleagues responding to the recent challenges? This is a letter from a Field Service Engineer for Bayer in Italy.


“I was contacted by my sales colleague and friend, Pino, on Friday afternoon: "Alessandro, we have an emergency ..." In our job, we are used to managing daily urgencies, but this time, more than others, it was one of those situations that make our work ‘a Mission’.

Pino informed me that Puglia district and the Lecce Health Care General Director have the urgent need to install a MEDRAD Stellant injector on the new CT scan of the DEA pavilion. Starting on Tuesday, this hospital ward will be used exclusively for COVID-19 patients care for the entire region. After hanging up with Pino, I contacted the respective Radiology Chief straightaway indicating my immediate availability. We arranged the installation for Monday.

Monday, early morning, I was on site, wearing double gloves, mask, glasses, coat and overshoes. The air was tense as I entered the emergency ward. The healthcare personnel had worried looks. The Radiology Chief accompanied me to the new CT room. Here I found technicians from other companies, who were equally prepared to have this new CT suite become operational in a truly record time. Many of us have known each other for years. We exchanged a few jokes to ease the tension. Then, head down and to work. Breathing was tiresome from the mask and the glasses that misted up all the time. At last, I finished and ran tests on everything. I put the tools away, but first I disinfected them with care. A fleeting thought to my daughter, my wife, my family: contamination can happen any moment. Finally, I filled in the Field Service Report, the Chief Radiologist signs it, thanks me with a nod, without obviously shaking my hand. I think: “Maybe this was not just a work day like any other…”.

In a designated area, I took off my overshoes, coat, glasses, mask, gloves. Leaving this armor, I felt that, at this moment more than ever, my job and the risks taken will serve to save many people. The tension drops and I feel a pinch of pride.”

On behalf of everyone in Bayer Radiology, but most importantly on behalf of our customers and their patients, we would like to thank Alessandro and colleagues like him, who continue to support radiology suites around the world despite these challenging times!

Article originally compiled by Global Radiology Communications, March 22 2020