Bayer Radiology’s taskforce to make Canada a little brighter

Knowing that so many are working hard to keep us safe in this challenging time, and how many people are trying hard to adapt to the current state of the world, we wanted to do something to contribute. Bayer Radiology Canada formed the TOTO team (The One Team Objective). This initiative wasn’t about what can we do in the next 6 months, but what can we do TODAY to make an impact. Feeding off the “it feels good to make people feel good” mantra, we’ve had multiple brainstorming sessions on how we can make a difference in people’s lives. It’s truly been a wonderful experience so far, connecting with others, giving back to society, and creating an amazing team dynamic. Bringing a purpose to our virtual work days at home has been very rewarding.

The team landed on 2 basic pillars:

  • Internal Concept – Provide Healthcare Practitioners, specifically those in Diagnostic Imaging CT/MR, with meals along with a virtual education session
  • External Concept – Virtual Volunteering for local communities with several support scenarios

The entire Radiology Canada got divided into 3 “Virtual Teams” – West, Central and East – to execute the two Virtual Volunteering ideas.


From Team West:

Our Western Canada team has collaborated in creative ways to give back to our communities, and to show some recognition to the frontline radiology staff.

In conjunction with providing some learning opportunities, we have been reaching out to our hospital workers to show some love and support during this difficult time, and provided them with lunches and gratitude for their efforts on the frontline during COVID-19. The feedback from our customers has been amazing, and a simple gesture such as this has created smiles and boosted morale on their teams.

Within our communities, we have implemented continuous efforts to fundraise in unique ways for local humane societies, donated blood to Canadian Blood services, and are currently exploring ways we can help with the recent Fort McMurray flood relief. Handcrafted by Shauna and her daughter, a special delivery of homemade flower bouquets and uplifting notes were delivered to a senior’s assisted living home in St. Albert on Mother’s Day for all the women residing there.

Volunteer efforts are also under way to help out with Calgary seniors who are living alone at home and need extra help with their day to day living, while trying to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. This includes doing their grocery shopping and dropping off food and prescriptions, walking their dogs, driving them to medical appointments, or something as simple as calling them to check in and keep them company.


From Team Central:

The Central Canada team worked together closely to show appreciation to our frontline healthcare workers who are risking their lives for others. In order to show our appreciation and gratitude towards them, our team managed to provide five Lunch and Learn sessions for the month of May - this includes nearly 55 healthcare practitioners across Ontario. It was heartwarming to support them and see smiles on their faces in this challenging time.

In terms of giving back to society, we recently paired up with a community based in London, Ontario to support those whom are isolated due to the current climate. Another great contribution to the community is under its way to brighten their daily lives a little bit stronger!


From Team East:

The East Canada team worked together closely to show appreciation to our frontline healthcare workers who are risking their lives for others. For the month of May, two Lunch and Learn sessions were provided which included nearly 15 healthcare practitioners across Quebec. We were very happy to facilitate these sessions and brighten their day.

The team divided into two groups with Tony and Kathleen partnering with an organization that supports the needy and Sabrina partnering with La Triade HCT which is an employment service and food bank. With the respective organizations Tony and Sabrina delivered food boxes to the elderly, needy and shut in’s while Kathleen was a shopper and gathered the food for delivery.


We look forward to providing more lunch and learns plus volunteering across Canada during this period.