Why does Bayer invest in indications?

At Bayer, we believe in scientific evidence. That’s why we invest in clinical trials to support the approval for more indications. Gadovist® has the most Health Canada-approved indications of any macrocyclic gadolinium-based-contrast agent (GBCA).

Approved uses of macrocyclic agents


Health Canada safety review
Health Canada has performed a safety review assessing the potential risk of gadolinium presence in the brain following repeated use of GBCAs.
The 2017 intermediate review4 contained:

  • “Evidence suggests higher risk of gadolinium accumulation after repeat administration of linear than after repeat administration of macrocyclic agents”
  • Advice to use the lowest dose needed and to carefully consider whether repeated doses are required

The 2018 final review5 stated: “use of macrocyclic GBCAs may be preferable to linear GBCAs in patients who may need repeated GBCA doses, as well as in children and pregnant women

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