Employees Volunteer to Manufacture Critical Imaging Products

The outbreak of COVID-19 presented a dilemma for production employees who fell into categories with a high risk for complications: do they leave the lines to self-isolate or do they continue the important work of manufacturing? A third option came from site leadership at our North American manufacturing site: asking non-manufacturing employees to volunteer to take on production shifts. This allowed high-risk colleagues to remain at home while ensure that production could continue.

The response was overwhelming with 34 employees across functions from HR to marketing raising their hands. The first volunteer shifts took place in late March and have continued for the last several weeks to support continuity of supply to customers around the globe while maintaining Bayer quality standards.


This site produces syringes and accompanying disposal products like tubing sets. Volunteers are handling a variety of production tasks and providing a hands-on experience creating the product.

“The positivity infused with the volunteers from across the site has been appreciated. The impact of their support has been more than the product they’re able to build each day. They’re all extremely positive, thankful, and have provided those around them a morale boost through everything,” said Bob Ramer, Senior Production Manager.

“Having spent time on the assembly line has given me a fresh perspective,” said Janel Petrilli, Global Product Manager, R&D. “Ironically, on my first night volunteering I assembled Stellant MP tubing, the product I was involved with developing on the R&D side 5+ years ago. This experience is an important reminder that as we make decisions on the development of new products, the input from the teams that ultimately manufacture and support our products in the field is critical.”

Janel added, “Each evening as we enter the gowning room, it’s humbling to see volunteers from across the organization come together. It’s heartwarming and helps me feel connected in such uncertain times.” Enhanced safety protocols are in place at the site for all employees, including the new volunteer corps.