Meet Bayer Radiology Canada’s Clinical Experts

Advanced products from Bayer in Radiology come with something equally valuable: world-class clinical training. Bayer partners have unlimited access to our Clinical Customer Success Specialists who are dedicated to quality, safety and patient care with round-the-clock support both on-site and virtually. We provide quality solutions to meet your clinical, financial, and operational needs to maximize the potential of your radiology suite.

Our Clinical team:

Western Canada - Shauna Hall, MRT (R), CTIC


Shauna graduated from the NAIT Medical Radiology Technologist Program in 1998 and worked at University of Alberta Hospital and Sturgeon Community Hospital until 2013 primarily in CT. 

“Bayer not only invests in the Research and Development of our products, we invest in our team members. Clinical Experts are an integral component of the Bayer Team, internally and externally. The years of experience and diverse backgrounds of the Canadian Clinical Team brings clinical relevance to make a product more than just a product.  We are Radiology Technologists with an understanding of the daily challenges experiences on the front line and use our knowledge to build on relationships with our customers and provide relevant information to improve on workflow as well as a deeper understanding of the technology. 

My favourite part of being a Clinical Success Specialist is SUCCESS.  Whether it is a successful training session, learning session, or troubleshooting the unexpected, the goal remains the same, the success and empowerment of our customers.  I love being a part of everyone’s team, hospital departments, clinics, and Bayer to get our patients clear answers about their health."


Central Canada - Dave Fedak MRT(R)


Dave is a Bayer certified Clinical Specialist in CT, MR, Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiology (8+ years). 10+ years experience as an MRT(R) at McMaster University Medical Centre, Dept of Radiology. 10+ years experience as a Territory Sales Manager at Cook Medical, Radiology and Gastroenterology Division

“On a day to day basis a Bayer Clinical Expert provides support to our customers to ensure their SUCCESS. This may involve answering questions (via email, virtual calls or during face to face meetings) or providing on site inservicing and training. Ultimately we give Health Care Providers the tools and expertise to better serve their patients. Depending on the modality, we may spend hours or even days training staff or supporting them during live procedures so that patients can have better heath care outcomes.

If Bayer didn’t have Clinical Experts, Health Care Professionals may have to rely on videos, the internet or clinically unexperienced representatives for their educational/training needs. It is unlikely that they would receive the ongoing support that they need and want. They may have to heavily rely on one another for cross training. I’d like to think that we as Clinical Experts bring all of our professional experience and all of the experience of the customers that I’ve interacted with to the table every time we walk into a new Hospital."


Eastern Canada - Tony Correia MRT, CT, MR, IR


Tony graduated from Dawson College, Radiological Technologies in 1995 and worked at St. Mary’s Hospital, The Montreal Neurological Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth Health Center, all in Montreal, Quebec. Joined Bayer in 2010 as Clinical Success Specialist, initially supporting Canada nationally and now focused primarily in Quebec and the Maritimes.

“Bayer’s Clinical Specialists, complete the link between our company and our healthcare professionals. We are in a unique position where we can relate back the everyday healthcare experiences which our customers face and provide insight into solutions which help our customers care for their patients. Our Clinical team, comprising of all experienced Medical Imaging professionals, have an in depth understanding of our customers’ needs and we strive to add our knowledge of our products and equipment to their clinical skill sets, with the ultimate goal of providing the utmost in care for their patients.

A Clinical expert, cannot be someone who simply understands a particular product’s features and benefits. A true clinical expert must have an understanding of what type of support our customers need.  Being able to provide customers with solutions which will help them deal with improving patient care, increase their productivity, and tailor their processes to patient specific needs, are some of the ways in which we partner with our customers to provide excellent healthcare. Not only do we provide solutions to their needs, we also provide them with the understanding, that we are partners and will be there to support them throughout their experiences with Bayer.”