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We strive to provide our customers with the latest training and information on topics that matter to the Canadian diagnostic imaging community. On this page you'll find useful webinars that you can enjoy at your leisure.


Gadolinium presence in the pediatric brain

Dr Bhargava and Dr Chavhan

Delivered 2018

Jennifer Catton

MRI Efficiency Using Lean Methodology

Jennifer Catton, MBA, PMP

Delivered 2019


Contrast Enhanced MRI  - What's new in 2020 and beyond

Dr. Anzalone and Prof. Dr. Pietsch 

Delivered July 2020


Additional MRI Screening in women with extremely dense breasts

Dr. Carla van Gils PhD

Delivered 2020


Rethinking Breast Cancer Screening: Abbreviated breast MRI

Dr. Khul

Delivered 2020


Risk-adjusted Breast Screening Strategies 

Ritse Mann and Francesco Sardanelli

Delivered 2020, ECR.