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“[The] ease of using the Centargo injection system is having a real impact on our technologists’ ability to do their work quickly and with less worry... [because] I am spending less time preparing the injector and its components, I have more time to spend with the patient increasing their comfort level and understanding of the procedure. The quality of this interaction provides a better overall experience for both myself as a clinician and the patient.”
- Mike Minoo, Manager, CT and Interventional Radiology at Sunnybrook

Contrast Enhanced Mammography

MEDRAD® Centargo – Your Efficient Partner in CE Mammography

Contrast Enhanced Mammography is a fast-growing technique for breast cancer detection and diagnosis. It uses iodinated contrast media and dual energy digital mammography to produce a recombined image of the breast that shows areas of contrast enhancement.

The MEDRAD® Centargo helps technologists new to the practice of injecting contrast to navigate through a new workflow with ease. Through its user intuitiveness and automation of manual processes, MEDRAD® Centargo can help technologists streamline their workflow in busy breast assessment practices.

CE Mammography

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